Become a dealer

Dear Distributors,

We are excited to present our tiered partnership program, designed to offer increasing benefits and support as your commitment to YERKA grows. Our tiers range from Starter Shield, Essential Guardian, to Advanced Defender, each offering unique advantages and tailored support to help you succeed in your market.

Ordering Information

All our orders are delivered Ex-Works and can receive an additional 2% discount when purchased CKD. YERKA encourages you to place orders during its production windows to get the best prices.

Production Windows:

  • 1st Window: Orders are in January, with the expected delivery in June.
  • 2nd Window: Orders are in July, and the expected delivery is in November.
  • Outside Production Windows: YERKA will accept individual orders with an MOQ of 140 units per model with no discount.

To further strengthen our collaboration, we offer several key support programs:

Marketing YERKA is constantly creating high-quality audiovisual content. We offer a creditback program for up to 60% of your social media marketing expenses to use as discount on your next order, or to buy branded physical marketing assets from us. Distributors have access to a Brandbook and can publish YERKA content on their own social media, while YERKA manages the international account. We will repost relevant content on our official channels with over 100,000 followers. + High quality Physical MKT assets 

Customer Support YERKA provides global support through an online platform, with access to detailed step-by-step instructions on how to work with every current model. Distributors must help to build a local support network published on YERKA's website. 

Theft Protection Yes, YERKA offers a 1-year theft guarantee, extendable via subscription. If the guarantee is active and theft occurs, distributors must provide a replacement YERKA. YERKA will deduct double the distributor's purchase cost of the stolen unit from their next order.

This plan ensures strong support, trust, and satisfaction with the YERKA brand.